Past Performance

Chicago Post office

This unique 100-year-old building was able to incorporate a unique plant mix made up of large perennials and grasses within the 6-inch depth ultra-lightweight growing media provided by us while avoiding exceeding the structural limitations of this historic building. Our custom vegetative roof growing media was locally blended and formulated to meet the rigorous requirements of the rooftop environment for particle size gradation, fines content, dry and saturated bulk density, total porosity, air-filled porosity, water retention, hydraulic conductivity, pH balance, soluble salt content and organic matter content. 

  • End Date: 12/19/19
  • Value: 300000.00
  • Contact Phone: Provided upon request

The Perch at Capital One Center

Our vegetated roof has assisted in creating a gorgeous 4-acre sky park sits 11 stories in the air. The sky park includes an amphitheater, food carts, bocce ball courts, biergarten, an 18-hole putt putt golf course and paths throughout. The project incorporated both their innovative Extensive and Intensive Vegetated Roofing assemblies throughout. Our engineered vegetated roof systems included a variety of unique and state-of-the-art components; including the drainage, filter and water retention layer to ensure proper drainage off the roof, proper air flow to the roots to ensure success, proper filtration to keep the drains clean and water retention layer to hold water and nutrients during the dryer summers. The project also utilized our innovative lightweight glass foam aggregate to meet the fire requirements imposed by Tyson, VA since the foam does not contribute to fire and is classified as Class 1 or Class A per ASTM 84 E. By utilizing the recycled glass foam, it also reduced the use of plastic on the rooftop.

  • End Date: 06/02/21
  • Value: 1500000.00
  • Contact Phone: Provided upon request

Medstar Georgetown University Hospital

Our Intensive Vegetated Roof System included our drainage and growing media for the custom planting and xps rigid insulation and eps/geo-foam to complete a vegetated system above structure on a parking garage.

  • End Date: 05/09/23
  • Value: 2700000.00
  • Contact Phone: Provided upon request